Adams Street

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Ivy crafted a comprehensive landscape design that seamlessly blends a European garden aesthetic with the architectural style of the home. The front yard features a new entry walkway and plant borders that evoke the charm of a secret garden, enhancing the property's curb appeal. In the courtyard, materials were carefully chosen to complement the house, including a fire pit and strategic outdoor lighting to create a captivating ambiance. Ivy's thoughtful layering of plantings ensures privacy while maintaining the aesthetic flow. A gracefully designed garden pathway in the side yard leads into a lush backyard, where Ivy introduced a sequence of patio areas perfect for entertaining, gardening, or lounging by the swimming pool, all designed to evoke an Old-World European charm. The pool is beautifully integrated into the greenery, enhancing the serene garden setting. Additionally, Ivy created a dining patio with a fire feature, using materials that harmonize with the overall design. Ivy also incorporated spaces for vegetable and flower gardening without compromising the lawn's play area. Overall, the design is warm and inviting, perfect for clients to enjoy with family and friends.

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