An award-winning residential landscape design by Ivy Street Design.

Expert Landscape Design Services in Denver

At Ivy Street Design, we boast a team of highly skilled landscape architects & designers with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.
An award-winning residential landscape design by Ivy Street Design.
An award-winning landscape design by Ivy Street Design featuring a fire pit.
An award-winning commercial landscape design by Ivy Street Design.
For over 30 years, Ivy Street Design has been at the forefront of award-winning landscape design, pushing the boundaries of creativity and excelling in challenging environments. Our company specializes in providing professional landscape architecture services for both public and private sector clients.


Whether it’s lounging in your backyard on the weekend reading a book, or you’re grilling up some steaks after a long day at work, outdoor spaces should be cozy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.
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At Ivy Street Design, we care about public spaces, and we believe public spaces deserve to look beautiful. Well-maintained outdoor spaces are inviting, welcoming local residents to use spaces like community gardens, libraries, botanical gardens, and parks.
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Why Choose Ivy Street Design?

Collaboration-centric, both internally and externally

This philosophy fosters open communication, creative synergy, and a deeper understanding of the client's vision, resulting in outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflective of the individual's personality and lifestyle.

Environmentally and socially conscious design

We are deeply committed to environmentally and socially conscious design, focusing on creating outdoor spaces that not only elevate the aesthetic and functional aspects of residential areas but also prioritize sustainability and ecological harmony.

Over 30 years of transforming outdoor spaces

Our three decades of experience in transforming outdoor spaces, showcases our remarkable track record of enhancing residential landscapes across a wide range of scales and budgets.

Experience with projects of all scales and budgets

Our wealth of experience allows us to adapt to the specific needs and financial considerations of each client, ensuring that regardless of the project's scale or budget, the outcome is both beautiful and sustainable.

Residential designs that are created for your personality

Our approach emphasizes custom-tailored designs that cater to the individual tastes, lifestyles, and preferences of our clients, ensuring that every outdoor space is as unique as the people it serves.

Continually striving for quality craftsmanship

More than just logistics, it's a commitment to responsible and efficient operations, reducing emissions and operational costs alike.
30+ Yrs
Of experience providing landscape architecture and design services in the Denver Metro Area.
Landscape design projects completed over the company's lifetime.
Years of combined experience between our award winning team members.

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