Ivy Street Design helps your HOA better manage your outdoor spaces. We propose creative and practical solutions for drainage, grading, hardscape, irrigation, and planting; water conservation and safety considerations always guide our design efforts. We navigate complex building and zoning codes, as well as water use regulations so that HOAs can be confident of their projects’ compliance with relevant agencies. We also upgrade appearances, allowing homeowners to maintain and improve property values. Working with HOA boards often involves decision making by multiple parties with varying interests. Ivy Street Design proudly offers years of experience with consensus building.

Highline Villas – 2601 S. Quebec Street, Denver – Determined long term strategies for maintaining a lush aesthetic, while reducing water and herbicide use on this extensive, grassy property. Installed 2 pilot projects.

BelAire Estates – 4238 S. Dearborn Court, Aurora – Provided a plan that would simultaneously reduce water use and improve curb appeal. Researched programs to help fund lower water landscape.

Waldman Condominiums – 1515 E. 9th Avenue, Denver – Designed an historically-inspired landscape and hardscape renovation for this elegant 1920’s building, including a multi-year phasing strategy.

Grayson Place – 301 Harrison Street, Denver – Created a fresh image for luxury Cherry Creek North town homes with landscape, entry feature and water elements.

Zocalo Lofts – 2195 Decatur Street, Denver – and Little Raven – 1438 Little Raven St., Denver – Updated planting throughout for a fresh, contemporary look to match the downtown setting.

Luce Condominiums – 89 Rampart Way, Lowry – Resolved grading and drainage problems from settling and original landscape architectural errors.