Community Service

Participating in the community is a core value for Ivy Street Design. We aim to use our artistic skills and environmental knowledge to help Front Range communities create beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscapes. Some of the groups we have worked with include:

Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center King Adult Day Enrichment Center: Ivy Street Design has developed a Masterplan for an extensive new campus and identified a pilot project. In just one year, we designed and helped gather funds to build the North Terrace Garden. Today, staff, clients, and volunteers at KADEP enjoy an ADA accessible patio surrounded by flowering trees, colorful perennials, and a peaceful pond. Ivy Street Design continues to work on future phases for KADEP, including a labyrinth, community vegetable gardens and additional horticultural therapies.

Hampden Academy at Aurora Mental Health Center: Ivy Street Design provided financial support and pro-bono design for Hampden Academy, an adolescent day-treatment program. Hampden Academy’s Dean of Students, Jordan Glist, explains, “Amidst persistent calls for better mental health care services, Hampden Academy’s budding Horticulture Therapy program offers students an empowering, hands-on opportunity to grow healthy, organic produce for their school and families.” Ivy Street Design has worked on design for vegetable and xeriscape gardens, as well as an outdoor group meeting space where gardening and nutrition are integrated into both curriculum and therapy.

Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado: We have supported this non-profit trade association for landscape contractors and designers in a wide variety of ways since Ivy Street Design first formed in 1992. In 2007 Wendy was named the first-ever female president of the organization, which boasts over 600 member companies and over a one-million dollar annual budget. After concluding her board service, Wendy also served as the head editor of Colorado Green, the industry-sponsored trade magazine from 2010 to 2013.

Park Hill School, Christ the King School, Craig Hospital, Clothes to Kids, and other community groups: We donate our services in silent auctions that benefit a wide range of local charities. Let us know if we can help you!